Spring Favourites!

Oh, how I love spring!

And with this lovely season some products emerge from the huge natural cosmetics market that suit my taste perfectly. At least right now, with the awakening nature and its inhabitants, I automatically change my favourite scents to citrus-like scents, I want a refreshing shower instead of a comforting or calming one, and the list continues.

Here I show you the products that work for me:


Lavera refreshing shower gel makes you feel like you are using fresh lemons under the shower! It just smells amazingly fresh and good and makes you feel alive, perfect for all that need a little extra kick in the morning to get the day started and the senses working. The gel is transparent to a light green/yellow tone and has a thick consistency. Believe me when I say you will have some deep breaths in the shower to enjoy the scent!

Weleda sea buckthorn vitalizing shower gel has a special scent that is also quite fresh but not as inspiring as the Lavera one. The texture is creamier and does look more like a lotion with its orange colour, providing the skin with moisture and care.

Alverde shower peeling with organic magnolia flower extract and the shell of shea nuts is again a very nice product of this drugstore brand that smells like iced tea when applied to your skin! A very fun product to have near the shower to use it once or twice a week to get rid of loose skin cells and flaky spots. You can also use this soft peeling to prepare your skin for a deep moisturizer or a tan.

Dr. Scheller body oil is a velvety soft oil that absorbs quickly into your skin and that just smells… divine! Sniff your arms or legs or wherever you massaged the oil in and try not to eat yourself. It is this delicious. I think of waffles and oranges and all kinds of well-scented stuff when I apply this oil.


Somehow it seems that my product selection is based on mostly the scent this time haha. But also the ingredients are all safe and healthy for your skin so you can let your nose lead the way to your preferred product without having to check the ingredients and see that the product – whose smell you fell in love with – contains any toxins.


Safe and well-scented showers, my friends, see you soon! 🙂



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