Anekdot – Sexy Upcycling Bra

Since some time, my passion for sustainable products expanded and I am no longer only interested in green beauty, but also on the lookout for fair/organic/sustainable clothes.

It was just a matter of time anyways because why should my green thinking focus on one category and skip the other? So while browsing Instagram I found interesting accounts for sustainable consumers like Sustainably Chic which made me think about important issues like: who made my clothes? did they earn enough? were any toxins used? But not only did these accounts open my eyes for the bad, they also provided information about funny, healthy, beautiful ideas and products. This is where I stumbled upon Anekdot and her beautiful underwear.



“Valentina Bra is a sportive style bra spiced up with the most precious laces. The adjustable straps are crossed in back”

In my opinion, this bra is more on the sexy side and not very sportive but the laces are precious for real and make you wear your head and confidence extra high 😉



  • Black dotted luxurious lace bought in Florence on Piazza S. Spirito Antique market
  • Sheer, elastic trimmings from Orsola de Castro’s production leftovers. Originally produced for a high-fashion brand in Italy
  • Cotton Jersey handpicked from Fashion-Enter production off-cuts
  • Scallop edge elastic bough in London from a closing down factory in the UK




My first thought when I saw the packaging was: this is how every girl wants to receive her underwear!

The bra comes in a super-cute bag, together with a note and an adorable little piece of organic handmade soap. I think I sighed loudly while unboxing my precious bra.



Shopowner Sofie is Sweden- and Berlin-based and looks stunning. She traveled the world, learned from interesting people and loves to create things with her own hands.



Every piece is handcrafted and inspired by the material available – nothing goes to waste and everything acts against mass production. A round of applause please!


It is very nice to be wearing an individual piece of clothing, not the usual, standardized bras from H&M or other big producers. But this also makes it more difficult to find the perfect size and fit, because in the production a HUMAN BEING was involved, not robots 😛 When you found it, it’s a match made in heaven. It makes you appreciate the bra every time you wear it, so go ahead and find your perfect, individual match 🙂



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