Farfalla Silhouette Challenge

So, I participated in the Farfalla Silhouette Challenge 2016 which meant for me: 4 weeks full of product-testing, running, butt-shaping and healthy eating – it was fun!

Of course it cost me quite an effort to start running every day while having uni-life with exams on my desk and a lot other stuff to do, but deep inside you know it is good for you no matter how busy your calender is. Because making time for some sporty activities means caring for you and your body and this is always an essential thing to do!

–> I recommend starting a little challenge for everyone because this way you integrate some healthy habits into your usual daily plan which makes it way more easy to continue with that even if the challenge is over. I myself continue with my excercises for legs and butt and with massaging the body gel into my thighs.


These below were the sponsored products from Farfalla, all NaTrue-certified and vegan.


I’ll start with my favourite, the tightening body gel. With 150 ml the amount of product is sufficient for way more than twice this 4 weeks I used it. It comes with a massaging top out of rubber I guess which is used to deeply massage the cooling gel into your legs and backside. I always applied it directly after my post-workout shower and rolled the product up and down for up to 5 minutes each leg. This promotes blood circulation and the loss of cellulite due to the anti-cellulite ingredients like longan fruit, ginger and organic birch juice. Also promoting a decrease of cellulite-appearance are the essential oils lemongrass, juniper, rosemary and sage. A great bonus: these oils make the gel smell incredibly fresh and good. This one is definitely the best-smelling product of the line.

As a special treatment twice a week the participants were supposed to use the body scrub for a reduction of loose skin cells which made the legs more susceptive to the following products. I was quite impressed with the ingredients as the conventional scrubs are made up of micro plastic beads and other toxic stuff. This product here is full of goodness: sucrose, sunflower oil, almond and jojoba oil, orange water and only a few more ingredients, all certified organic. Thumbs up! For those who want to go even more natural I recommend the S.W.Basics body scrub with only 3 ingredients.


The shower gel was my daily companion during those 4 weeks and has vitalising properties. It also contains organic birch water and ginger extract to complete the whole series. It smelled quite good but not as impressive as the body gel.


I didn’t really know where to include the body lotion into my bodycare routine, as I used the body gel for my legs and I do not cover all other areas with lotion after every shower. But then I thought: were on the body do I want a product to act tightening? So I put it onto my décolleté and arms 😉


All in all those 4 weeks were fun and made me feel healthy and fit, plus I can now identify myself with the brand much better. But I guess this is the point where you want to see results so I took a before/after picture of my legs:











Of course you can’t see a fundamental transformation in 4 weeks but I feel like the area with the widest diameter got slimmer while the muscles on the lower part of my thighs are now well-trained.

While indicating a squat, you can see the developed muscles in the picture below.



Thank you FARFALLA for the motivation and for those valuable products, my mom is happy to be trying the leftovers next 🙂

For all others that are now interested in the presented products or the downloadable 4-week-programme from Farfalla, head over to their website for further information.


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