Review: Hydrophil – Bamboo Toothbrush

Hands up who hasn’t got a sustainable toothbrush yet… too many! And I can’t think of any reason why, because I tried those Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrushes and I wouldn’t ever switch back!


Did you ever think about where all those disposed toothbrushes out of plastic and toxic substances go when you throw them away? Most people think like that: out of sight, out of mind. But until now everyone should know about the consequences of an excess of plastic in our environment. And now consider the amount of people disposing toothbrushes every 2-3 months, more often when they were ill. Do the maths. It is an overwhelming number of plastic that does not disappear, the particles just become smaller and smaller, polluting the oceans and killing turtles, fish and birds.


You want to do something against it? Changed your mind? Begin with the switch to a sustainable toothbrush!



  • the smooth handle consist of fastly growing bamboo that doesn’t need as much water as other plants in comparion plus artificial watering is not necessary.
  • the bristles consist of BPA-free nylon and can be disposed seperately, you just have to break off the head from the handle.
  • if you buy the dyed version of their toothbrushes (mine is natural), the colours they use are made without mineral oil (petroleum) or other chemical additives → no toxic residues in drinking- and groundwater
  • vegan, not tested on animals, fair



These toothbrushes are in any way equivalent or even better regarding the handling and feeling while using it. The head is small enough to reach every tooth and doesn’t disturb the process of toothbrushing in any way due to the size.

In fact, I don’t feel any difference to an usual toothbrush. I expected the taste of raw wood to be more intense but if you taste it, it is just a slight taste every now and then.

The brushes are by the way boyfriend-approved. He says he is looking forward to brushing his teeth everytime now that he has a bamboo brush 😀 I swear those were the exact words!

The handle feels good and dries easily, the lifespan of such a brush is the same as the one of a conventional plastic brush.



  • the packaging is of course biodegradable and made up of recycled cardboard


All in all I fell in love with these brushes and already made them a gift for some loved people of mine. For the price of 3,90 € you should really try them. You can even order an abonnement so that you get your sustainable toothbrush delivered every 3rd month. Plus Hydrophil offers some other amazing products on their website, including glass bottles and t-shirts.

recommended toothpaste: the Lavera toothpaste with echinacea and propolis helps me taking care of my teeth for over a year now and does a good job, doesn’t taste like a typical organic toothpaste and is very affordable. This product makes the switch to healthy and non-toxic toothbrushing very easy!



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