Farfalla Silhouette Challenge

Hey there, I’d like you to join me on my 4 week journey to a fitter and healthier body as well as a toned silhouette!

I am going to tone my body not only with the use of organic, vegan products from Farfalla, I am also going to improve my diet as well as my sportive activity and I would be happy if you are a part of this. You could either comment with advice and recipes or join the challende, we will happily provide you with the programme as well 🙂

My goal

Since I can remember, I was one of the sporty girls but I never really established a routine – there were times I had a lot of time and motivation to do sports and there were times I never even thought about moving my butt. Of course, I take the stairs instead of the moving stairway, I do a quick sprint to catch the bus and I like to walk fast but it is so sad that you lose the fit body condition you earned after you were really diligent when you decrease the amount of sports for a certain time, may this be due to other important activities or a lack of motivation. Everyone is lazy from time to time. This is human, this is okay and eventually the motivation will come back. But there are ways to help you get back on track easier and faster than just waiting for the motivation to appear. You can temporarily sustain a healthy lifestyle even without sports by eating clean and using supportive products. By doing this you will slip back into the fast forward track of your life in no time. With the challenge created by Farfalla, I want to get back on my own track and adopt an overall healthy lifestyle which I will definitely maintain afterwards so that I am able to gain that quick access to the fit life again even if I have a little break in the future. Plus I don’t want to fear getting cellulite in the next few years so I am working against that, too 😀

By the way, it isn’t my goal to reduce weight, I just want to become strong, healthy and toned as I am able to battle every challenge in life having that body condition. I don’t want to have to rely on anyone else than me and my body plus health is the most precious gift we can have, so I am working for it.

The products

Here are the products that will support me becoming fitter, preventing cellulite and refine the skin. They are all from the vegan and organic “silhouette miracle” line and are Natrue certified.


Body Lotion

nourishing and toning at the same time, this lotions keeps the good ingredients where they belong – under your skin





Body Scrub

leaving you with a super soft skin and improved texture





Toning Gel with Massage Tube

this one is the star of the series, combining a gel with a practical massage head that deeply works in the firming ingredients




Shower Gel

a refreshing and cleansing gel that prepares the skin for further care and is applicable for every day use





I will post reviews of every product when I tested them long enough and I will tell you how I include them in my daily life. I will also disclose my training and diet plan for these 4 weeks, soon.

I  hope I inspired you a little, if so, let me know in the comments and stay tuned for the next post 🙂



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