Natural Lipsticks

Sooo, what do we have here? It is my first little collection of natural, cruelty-free lipsticks!

I started from the bottom with only a few natural lipbalms (including my DIY homemade lipbalm) and now I am here – being able to show you this tiny collection of liptints with a clear conscience. I got all of them (except for one) during the best time of the year (my birthday and christmas) so I quickly had to deal with a selection of colours to chose from every day. I didn’t mind at all 😉 And to be honest, there are many other colours that still have to jump over into my possession because the ones below do have similarities. Nevertheless they differ undeniably in their undertone.

From top to bottom:

alverde lipstick in fuchsia

100%Pure lipstick in rosehip

treat collection lipstick in good karma

Dr. Hauschka lipstick in 12



DSC03842alverde lipstick in “fuchsia”

colour: bright pink, matte finish, very pigmented

texture: dry but not drying

scent: neutral to vanilla-scented

removing: leaves some colour around the mouth after removing, so removing twice is recommended







treat collection lipstick in “good karma”

colour: bright red, darker in stick form than on lips

texture: lightweight although pigmented quite dense

scent: neutral

removing: easy as it doesn’t stay that long on the lips

–> you can feel from the texture and also from handling of the container that this is the most expensive product







Dr. Hauschka lipstick Novum in “12”

colour: lightly pigmented, red to brown tone, glittery

texture: goes on as smooth as a lipgloss, also feels like one and makes the lips look very moist and shiny

scent: minty

removing: easyDSC04104





100%Pure lipstick in “rosehip”

colour: matte, nude brown-rosy tone

texture: goes on smoothly and can be layered for more colour intensity

scent: a hint of fruit

removing: easy


–> perfect for everyday use plus the container is stunningly designed




These beauties all have their own special undertone and it is very hard to decide for one. They look quite different in their container but applied to the skin they converge in tone.

The price range of these lippies is very wide – from 4 € to 28 €! So you can choose from any price to any texture/colour and everyone should be satisfied with at least one of the presented lipsticks 🙂 If you have questions about one of the products, feel free to post them below.

Note: I will post individual reviews with even better pictures of every lipstick soon. Mwa!


Which one is your favourite?


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