Below The Asphalt

Do you know the units in which the soil we lose every day is measured? In the size of several football pitches… the reason is the growing asphalt layer plus field toxins. In Germany the number is as shocking at it is sadly true: 44 football pitches of soil are locked up under asphalt in Germany EVERY DAY due to new buildings, streets and parking lots. And you know how small Germany is in comparison to the US or others…  now please, imagine the loss of soil of bigger or developing countries.


Sometimes we forget how precious our soil is:

  • there is more life in the amount of soil you can carry in one palm than there are people on earth
  • we grow our food in soil
  • we feed our livestock with food derived from the soil
  • the soil cleanses our drinking water
  • it feeds the forests we need for the oxygen we breathe
  • our babies crawl on it and eat it
  • we even bury our loved ones in there
  • it stores the carbon we so excessively produce and works against global warming
  • it is just the one thing everything stands on, builds up on, grows from!


Another problem we face besides covering our fertile soil with aspahlt is the compacting of it. Compacting of the soil due to heavy maschines and buildings reduces the amount of life in it and makes it impossible to grow plants in it as the soil loses its fertility. No earthworm is able to rake up such compressed soil. The soil also loses its function to absorb water and therefor floods and higher erosion are accumulating, leading to longer periods of drough and intense flash floods at the same time. But the soil isn’t able to absorb the water afterwards, so it floods cities and the plant roots stay dry.


Some horrible facts:

  • usage of synthetic fertilizer is five times higher than it was 50 years ago (China owns the leading position with 344 kg per hectar and year)
  • more than half of German fields used for agriculture are owned by great land owners (that makes it harder to act against it)
  • modern agriculture with its monocultures and toxins leads to an increasing pesticide load in our ground water
  • we lose fertile soil in an incredibly high rate – but new fertile soil needs 10.000 years to develop


What to do:

  • buy organic produce – organic farmers are prohibited to use synthetic fertilizers and often think in a sustainable way
  • crop rotation keeps the soil fertilized and helps against the dying of bees due to poisoning and lack of diversity in plants
  • protection and targeted use of earthworms
  • support ecological agriculture in general
  • donate money to good companies creating a lobby for the soil
  • spread the word! 

Please do whatever you can do and be a rolemodel for others! They will join, if they begin to understand 🙂

I got my information from the amazing magazine Schrot und Korn 12/2015 and will be continuing my research and update it soon here on my blog for you!


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