BeeGood – A Bee Sponsorship

Everytime you need a gift for someone you love and that cares for the environment or bees in particular, think of this post and head over to Mellifera e.V.

I’ve read about this association that tries to estblish a species-appropriate keeping of bees in green magazines and the web and I immediately fell in love with the idea.

Nowadays everyone should know about the importance of bees and their pollination of flowers which is essential for farming (and growing food or any plants in general, keep in mind forests that provide us with oxygen!) and survival of all species. So if the bees die, we are likely to die, too. And we are close to a point were too many bees die because of monocultures, pollution, deforestation and other man-made environmental catastrophies.

BeeGood is working on a solution for this problem, raising awareness and educating about how to properly keep and conserve bees. They act as a lobby for bees and finance research that is contributing to a better, sustainable and organic way of our interaction with those impressive animals.


If you are now interested in supporting this idea and association you can gift a bee sponsorship or buy it for yourself. I think the cost of 35 euro a year is more than appropriate for the work Mellifera e.V. does and the certified honey you get.

The sponsorship includes:

  • a glass of demeter-certified honey (which is the strictest guideline for organic products) from the bees you are protecting with your money plus you can write a personal note on the label
  • their magazine “bee human and nature” with informational material two times a year
  • a certificate of your sponsorship


BG Honigglas Weihnachten-2

Consuming honey with a clear conscience like in this case is okay, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend buying (much) honey. But I highly recommend supporting associations with good people and a sustainable idea like Mellifera e.V. in any case! Keep working for the good cause 🙂



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