Why you shouldn’t buy fireworks

Tomorrow is the last day of 2015. Many people get sentimental reviewing the last 365 days. Many people want to release the old year and welcome the new year with a big bang. Many people buy fireworks every year to do so –> many people produce a huge amount of waste as a result.

You know how the streets look early in the morning after New Year’s Eve, they are dirty and filled with plastic (fireworks are often wrapped in additional foil) and shards.

And just because the streets are cleaned up the next day doesn’t mean the waste is gone. Waste is never gone. It is stored somewhere, often polluting landscapes no one looks at and therefor polluting the environment. The waste is sometimes washed away by the rain and ends up in our oceans where animals choke on the pieces. Or they don’t die from it, get catched for the food industry and are then ingested by ourselves.

You just need to think a little further the next time you are interested in buying fireworks and you will think twice when all those arguments pop up in your thoughts.

Other arguments:

  • imagine being an animal, freaking out because of the sounds of firekworks and running from here to there in panic (they are likely to being hit by a car in their agony)
  • as we have many refugees here at the moment consider their background and the fear the are likely to feel when hearing loud exploding sounds (they fled mostly because of war)
  • NYE is celebrated internationally so imagine the extra pollution of the air we breathe that challenges our environment in just 2 days (time zones)

I don’t want to spoil the party for you, I am also enjoying the setting on NYE, but I don’t buy any fireworks myself and I try to make people think of the harm they cause by carrying the firework action to excess.

And now, let’s enjoy the last day of 2015 with our loved ones and let’s get sentimental 😉


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