Drugstore Blush and Bronzer

In Germany, the majority of girls goes to drugstores to buy their decorative cosmetics. And there are a few big drugstore chains offering a huge range of products, for example dm and Rossmann. Fortunately, they also offer affordable and healthy green beauty products along with some more or less famous toxin-using brands like L’Oreal.

My green beauty journey started with the natural cosmetics brands these drugstores offer. To name the most important ones, those were alverde and alterra.


Alverde products were my favourites before I dived deep into the (also internatoinal) green beauty world. The products are Natrue-certified which makes them very safe for use. Also, they are very affordable which means they faciliate the entry to green products for beginners. Of course they wouldn’t buy a 30 € mascara for the first time, so it is an easier step to try the 4 € and certified ok-to-use mascara.

alverde blush 10 ‘secret rose’

I love this blush. It is so cheap and still the best I’ve used until now. It is shimmery and comes in a trio with a highlighter colour in the middle plus a darker red and a lighter pastel red on the sides.

For partys or days with no lipstick on, I use the darker colour that makes me look healthy and glowing. On days with bright lipsticks or a colourful eye-makeup I use the one on the right as it isn’t attracting attention as much as the first colour..

By the way, everytime I apply the product the scent reminds me of vanilla. I use this blush every day, because it makes my skin look healthy and full of vitality.


alterra bronzer 02 ‘sun kissed’

I also like this bronzer, but I don’t use it every day as I feel like it alters my appearance more than the natural blush from alverde. Therefor I apply it on days I go party or want my cheekbones to stand out.

To achieve this contoured look with outstanding cheekbones I grab a blush brush and press the hair on the tip together, so that the area I apply the product to is more defined. Then I apply the bronzer in a line from my cheek on high of the top of my ear towards the corner of my mouth but stopping halfway and the I diffuse the line. I think I am going to post a picture or video to simplify that 😉


All in all both products are great: safe, beautiful and cheap. I think each costs about 2 – 3 €. I would recommend everyone having at least one of them at hand.


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