My Hair Care Routine

Hair, hair, hair… everyone is special about their own and there are so many different types of hair, you can easily get lost in a jungle of promises for shiny, voluminous, sleek or curly hair. So in this post, I want to clear your view and present my current products that are working for thick hair like mine and that help with my dandruff-problem. If you think your hair is similar to mine, check this out:

This is my HAIR CARE SQUAD at the moment, including brands like Farfalla, Bioturm and Lavera.



I only shampoo the hair on my scalp and around (massage it in deeply), not the length of my hair. See next step: conditioner.

I’ve chosen the farfalla neem-rhassoul shampoo, because of the features these ingredients offer. Plus I get plenty of compliments for my good-smelling hair afterwards, the scent is very fresh, a little  bitter and very herbacious.

There is a mixture of essential oils in the INCI list in a higher concentration than neem and rhassoul. It consists of thyme, rosemary and juniper and is responsible for the scent but also refreshing the scalp.

Moroccan rhassoul clay is free of any additives and therefor perfect for sensitive problem-skin. It contains a huge amount of mineral nutrients and works like a very gentle tensid.

Neem-extract is produced by the neem tree to protect itself from insects and and diseases and therefor has anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal qualities.

By the way: I purchased the shampoo in Zurich itself, where farfalla is based and production takes place. It is always  a good feeling to buy products where they come from.



I apply the conditioner BEFORE I put on my shampoo so that the conditioner has plenty of time to sink in. I don’t feel the need to shampoo my lenght because they don’t get greasy.

For that, I use the Lavera calendula conditioner. I bought it, because the calendula extract is grown locally and Ökotest gave this product the best rating possible. And this product is very affordable!

Ingredients are: calendula extract grown in Germany by Lavera itself, avocado oil with its very valuable fatty acid commposition plus sunflower oil, which contains a huge amount of linoleic acid known for its anti-oxidative and cell-protecting properties.


Extra Care

As I suffer from dandruff, my scalp needs a calming and at the same time refreshing product like the Bioturm hair tonic.

The tonic is gentle and easy to apply with its pointed applicator. I just quickly dry my hair with a towel and directly put this tonic on the spots that are covered with dandruff and massage it in.

The special ingredients are:

Lac active component is a milk component that works skin-nurturing (I don’t really like that ingredient)

rosemary extract has anti-microbial  properties and stays on the hair after rinsing it

green coffee extract is also skin-nurturing and covers the scent of other ingredients

+ essential oils


That’s it. All these products are organic, of course.


I hope you like this post and disclose your hair care routines and remedies with anti-dandruff properties 🙂


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