Taking Over Natural Code’s Social Media

Good morning!

Did you already take part in my giveaway? If not, please check out my new Facebook page and leave a like 🙂


I have an additional announcement for you today:

I will be slowly taking over Natural Code‘s social media management! Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook or feel free to shop on her website – she offers a ton of local brand heroes as well as famous brands like ilia and rms.

This German-Canadian collaboration started with Sarah and me (yes, also Sarah) meeting somewhere on Instagram and instantly feeling sympathy for each other. We became good friends and always discussed the possibilities of her and my pages. And now she decided to transfer the responsibility for her social accounts to me, as she will be able to focus on growing her shop and discovering the perfect next green beauty products for you, as a result.

Win – win?

If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

By the way: this new challenge for me does not in any way interfere with my personal social media channels, all is going to stay the same or become better – I promise!




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