Green Beauty And Living Magazines

I guess people reading my blog or following me on Instagram have similar interests compared to me. So I thought you would like to know where you can get inspiration and knowledge/education at the same time, packaged in a modern and stylish design plus including healthy and good-looking recipes you otherwise only find on foodie Instagram accounts. The answer: in all those GREEN BEAUTY AND LIVING MAGAZINES listed below.

The quality differs, some are thin and some contain content enough for a month, some are for free and some are expensive. Look through my list and you will find the perfect magazine-match for you!





BIOUTY  – with its first issue published this year, this magazine in its highly polished design shows many products, but with little information about them. You can find “how to achieve this look” pages, reviews about spas and travel destinations and “30 advices to be more xy” in Jolie/Glamour style. This magazine is very lightweight and offers a little nice-to-look-at distraction. You can order a sample magazine for free!

Cost: 3,80 €

Where:  kiosk and stores offering a magazine section




Cosmia – where I first got my knowledge about bad ingredients. I love the section introducing toxic ingredients because you get detailed information about why you should avoid them. There is also a section explaining natural ingredients and some chances for you to win products are included.

Cost: for free

Where: Superbiomarkt, organic stores in Germany




EVE – amazing recipes, presentation of sustainable brands, a section about ‘green money’ and informative articles (for example about glyphosat). This magazines has medium size regarding the amount of pages, but arranges them well and includes all kinds of needed topics.

Cost: for free

Where: Superbiomarkt




GEO – doesn’t fit perfectly into this row of green beauty magazines but I receive it every month as it shows amazing nature photographies and fascinating stories about countries, people, scientific matters, environment. If you want to gain knowledge and dive into well-written journalistic stories + stunning pictures at once – this is for you!

Cost: discount for students, for all other: 7,00 €

Where: every kiosk or magazine store



Green Lifestyle – my favourite because it contains interesting facts and information about how to live a greener life while presenting everything beautifully arranged and with occasional cartoons. They must have talented designers. It has a huge clothing section (very interesting!) and introduces sustainable brands as well as healthy food stores. This magazine has so many pages that I always need almost a month to read through. Available four times a year.

Cost: 4,90 €

Where: kiosk




Reformhaus Kurier – more on the conservative side, giving advice for common health issues and making advertisements for brands that are accessible at the Reformhaus store. Includes recipes.

Cost: for free

Where: Reformhaus / health shop




Schrot & Korn – also one of my favourites! Very well-written and informative, especially regarding environmental matters. If you want to be up-to-date about eco/sustainability concerns and politics in the green section – grab it! It offers a lot of pages, including fantastic vegan/gluten-free/veggie recipes with extraordinary food photography. You can also win products here.

Cost: for free

Where: Superbiomarkt




Natürlich – meaning naturally, this magazine offers an insight into green brands, ingredients and medical plants. They also offer delicious recipes but the magazine itself is very lightweight and is quickly finished.

Cost: for free

Where: organic markets, health shop


Regarding the fact that most of those magazines are for free, they all do a very good job! I recommend reading through every listed magazine and then make your decision for one or all of them – I pay the organic markets and stores a monthly visit so that I never miss out on any of those great issues. Plus I collect the best of the recipes in a folder (which has grown so big, that I will never end up trying all of them 😀 )

I hope you enjoyed this little journey as much as I enjoy reading all of those magazines!






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