Happy Christmas Trees

Happy Tree logo

You know the bad feeling after christmas: you had a few happy days with your christmas tree but then it is time to chuck it out. And you walk down the streets and see thousands of trees that got cut down for just these few days. This is the most un-sustainable thing to do.

The trees we buy during the christmas season are cut down in other regions of the world and are then transported to us, making the whole affair even more incriminatory for the environment due to the CO²-emission.

And that’s what we disturb when cutting down a tree: its capability of transforming CO² (overly produced by humans) into the air we breathe, the oxygen we need.

That’s where the two founders from HAPPY TREE (Jan and Sebastian from my hometown!) want to intervene.

Happy Tree + Gründer

Their concept is to deliver the tree of interest to your doorstep a few days before christmas – enough time to decorate, no time wasted by searching for the right tree and organizing the transport. After the festive days, they pick it up again and deliver it to a regional tree nursery where your tree can live happily and purify the air until the next christmas!

What’s special about the trees: the seeds are picked under fair conditions and they were raised in a pot so that the roots don’t get destroyed as it is usual with single-use christmas trees.

No more exploitation of forests, no more annual waste of nearly 30 million trees (only inGermany!) and more fresh air for the world.


If you are now interested in a more sustainable christmas, visit their lovely website or facebook page. Since the trees from this company are only available in certain German cities, I recommend searching the web for sustainable alternatives in your region or plant your own christmas tree and re-use it every year – good for nature and therefor good for you 🙂

2015 Waldemar Still_HappyTrees_gross
this is one of the beautiful and happy trees you get to choose – its name is waldemar 😉

P.S: I could already convince a family of using this eco-conscious opportunity and another family already orders them every year 🙂



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