Day & Night Daily Skin Care Routine by Sarah from NaturalCode

I am happy to present my first “Skincare routine from…” post, featuring a very special lady. Sarah – yes, that’s also my name and, funny fact, that is how we got to know each other – had the vision to start building up the green beauty scene in Toronto, Canada, as there were few destinations to go for a natural beauty like her.

As a result, she decided to run her own natural cosmetics store with only the best products and therefor the healthiest ingredients called NATURAL CODE. This title calls for high standards, which is why a main attraction in her store are the local brands Sudsatorium and Graydon. You can expect to encounter these amazing brands now alongside very carefully picked others when you pay her a visit. And you definitely should pay her a visit if you are living in Canada or you can even visit her online shop shipping worldwide – I made the try!

Enough from me now… here’s her skincare routine + interesting facts:

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1. Cleanse

Sudsatorium Oedipus Rx Face + Body Soap


To use soap as a cleanser (on the face?!) may startle some folks, but you will never look back when using Sudsatorium soap! Made without the drying ingredients you find in conventional soaps, Sudsatorium’s “Oedipus Rx” is made to be super gentle on the most sensitive of skins. The face + body soap is made with soothing calamine (one of the best all natural remedies for bug bites!), blemish clearing tea tree, and antiseptic chamomile. You can really smell the rose water and lavender oil when cleansing – it is heavenly! I cleanse with lukewarm water, and lather enough soap to be used all around the face, neck, décolleté (we always miss this spot!) and all over + under my eyes!

2. Tone

Sudsatorium Royals Toner


Next, one of the most important steps to skin care that is overlooked and
misunderstood is the toner. The main objective is to balance back the PH levels in your skin. Our natural skin PH levels are around 5.5, and most tap water has a neutral PH of 7. Thus, once we wash our faces with water, it becomes too alkaline – so we need to bring this back down by toning our faces by beautiful ingredients like rose water that have a PH of about 4. Once our PH levels are balanced, our skin will be well balanced with hydration and moisture that will leave our skin radiant and supple!
I have chosen to pair my lavender and rose rich “Oedipus Rx” with Sudsatorium “Royals” toner, which is made only with fresh organic lavender water and fresh organic Turkish rose water! I spray this toner all over my face, neck and décolleté right after I cleanse. The smell is freshly pungent and romantically floral; your face definitely feels like royalty afterwards!

3. Makeup Removal / Eye Serum Replacement

RMS Beauty Coconut Oil


With antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, 100% pure, raw and
unrefined coconut oil is the way to go! It goes on silky smooth on your skin – I put an adequate amount on a cotton pad / Q-tips and remove my makeup with this wondrous ingredient. Everything is removed with ease, and I always put a little extra around my eyes (to moisturize, no need for eye serums!) and on my eyelashes to nourish and maintain its strength. Since coconut oil has a small molecule structure that is similar to our own skin; the oil gets absorbed so easily by the skin – it leaves my skin feeling fresh and supple every time! (Note: even with no makeup removal, I use coconut oil every day in place of a facial/eye serum).

4. Moisturize

Graydon, The Putty


For my facial moisturizer, I always prefer lotions that are light-weight and super soothing with just a hint of scent. “The Putty” has easily won this spot in my skin care routine! The feeling of Graydon lotions once they are applied to your skin is like no other. It amazes me that an all-natural lotion can give you that ‘silicone’ type of feel, which is ever so soft in texture and application. I use this ultra-soothing moisturizer all around my face, neck and décolleté following my coconut oil application to seal all that goodness in!

*This skin care routine is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive / blemish / acne prone skin!



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