Ringana Sample Set

Hi there,

a few weeks ago I got a free sample set from a friendly distributor of the Austrian brand Ringana.


They have no certification as natural or organic cosmetics I know of but some of the ingredients are labelled as organic and they claim to only use fresh ingredients, that’s why they aren’t available in stores but online. Therefor the products shelf life is quite short with its 10 weeks , due to the abdication of preservatives and other nasty stuff. Freshness is their mission.

Ringana uses some ingredients, like Ectoin, I never heard of  but I like that they explain every single ingredient on their website and the enclosed info material from the package was complex and looked very appealing.

They do not use ingredients of animal origin and although the products have quite the long INCI list, they contain a lot of valuable oils and extracts. So I was happy as I received the package with a note from distributor Tina, saying: hello Sarah, enjoy the samples! Greetings, Tina 🙂

DSC02926 (1)

At the beginning, I was a little skeptical as the advertising those distributors do for Ringana seemed a tiny bit aggressive. Just a touch too much euphoria, overly convinced of the products and if you mention Ringana somewhere, usually several distributors comment on that and try to get you to order something from them. What is understandable as they profit from that and every brand wants to be known by many, but in my opinion and in this case a little less is more. Here is where I got that impression (German): http://www.kosmetik-vegan.de/erbse/tierversuche-ringana/

Nevertheless, I already tried the following products:

hand and nail balm: sinks in quickly and the skin appears soft. dry spots are gone. unfortunately I don’t like the smell of it. 18,90€/125ml

foot balm: this one smells really good, like eucalyptus, menthol and tea tree due to the oils in it, which also provide a cooling effect. application over-night = soft feet in the morning. 19,60€/125ml

hydroserum: prepares the skin for the application of cream concentrates. feels rich and nourishing. 45,10€/30ml

cream concentrate 2: same feelings here: a rich cream that needs a moment to sink in. from 37,50€ to 52,30€/50ml

cleansing milk: hard to remove, leaves an oily layer but clears the skin. no enjoyable scent. 20,30€/125ml

I will update this post as soon as I tested the other products. For now I can say I am thankful that I got the chance to check out the brand Ringana, which I haven’t heard of before and that I liked some of the products but I wouldn’t buy them necessarily.

PS: I am thankful you discovered my account and chose me, Tina, and I hope you don’t mind that I present my opinion here. It is only my opinion and I recommend to everyone to try the products for themselves as every skin is different.

Love, Sarah

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina says:

    Liebe Sarah,
    danke fürs Vorstellen und deine Meinung : )
    Ich möchte noch hinzufügen: wer NICHT über eine Partnerin bestellen möchte, kann auch direkt bei Ringana im Shop (ringana.com) oder telefonisch dort bestellen.
    GLG aus Österreich


    1. Ach, das Bestellen über eine Partnerin ist ja nicht schlimm. Da habt ihr wenigsten auch was von 🙂 Ich würde wenn dann sowieso bei dir bestellen und es auch anderen empfehlen. Eine Hand wäscht ja eigentlich die Andere hier in unserer netten Community.


  2. Tina says:

    Vielen lieben Dank Sarah : )
    Bei Fragen zu den Produkten bin ich für alle hier jederzeit verfügbar.
    LG Tina


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