label-series: #2 BDIH

BDIH is a German based but EU-wide (now also internationally) acting non-profit working towards a correct and comprehensible definition of natural cosmetics (in our, the consumers, interest). They aim to create transparency and a fair competition of manufacturers and distributors.


1. raw materials of plant origin

all listed vegetable resources have to be of certified organic origin

2. raw materials of animal origin and animal protection

substances produced by animals are permitted (honey, milk)

substances received from dead vertebrates are not permitted (collagen, animal fats)

animal testing is neither permitted, nor is it allowed to commission animal testing during end product development, manufacturing or verification

all resources tested on animals after 31.12.1997 are not permitted

3. raw materials of mineral origin

anorganic and mineral salts, as well as acids and bases (sodium chloride) are permitted (for exceptions see 5.)

(4. permitted manufacturing processes)

5. prohibited substances 

organic-synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated resources, silicones, paraffines and other petroleum products

6. conservation

some nature-identical preservatives can be used if necessary but have to be labelled on the product

7. fragrances

natural fragrances (ISO norm 9235) as well as biotechnologically produced fragrances are permitted

8. radioactive radiation

radiation of vegetable and animal resources as well as end product radiation with ionizing rays is prohibited

I found another interesting piece of information regarding the BDIH and Natrue label conflict. A German television broadcaster called WDR showed a report about those two and obviously preferred the Natrue label with reference to an “expert”. But here is the answer of the BDIH, which is – only seen from one point of view – but still objective and very informative.

(unfortunately it is written only in German but I can translate if you need it)

I researched the criteria above here and made a little summary for you. I hope you find your way through the label jungle more easily, now. The series continues until all labels I know are summed up and discussed here. So please begin discussing them 😉


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