Burgers’ Zoo Netherlands

This blog post is a journey through Burgers’ Zoo Netherlands.

First, I have to mention that I do not completely support zoos. I even question the adequacy of enclosures when they meet the standards or excel them. But there are some zoos caring for their animals and the future of the whole breed by certain actions. Burgers’ Zoo communicates with other European zoos to find the perfect match for endangered species in order to enhance genetic diversity and therefor avoid inbreeding.They also agreed to use 50 % or more FSC-certified wood for new enclosures and buildings. This zoo is a role model for other zoos by its sustainability as well as decoration and arrangement of the enclosures with regards to the biodiversity of plants and the entertainment possibilities for animals. But even then I do not feel happy to see a sentient being behind glass or fences. I feel curious and I feel overwhelmed by them but there are still many arguments against a zoo.

Nevertheless, the pictures I have taken with my Sony alpha5000 turned out quite well (except for the steamy lens sometimes due to tropical air conditions) and I want you to see them.


the tigress with intense eyes


the two cups (as beautiful as their mother)



the next moment he attacked his sibling





different line patterns on every single zebra


a shark in the beautifully arranged ocean area you see below




a monkey eating its healthy veggies 😉 


the incredible flake pattern of a reticulated python


a yellow painted monitor lizard


aaand elephants 

information extracted from http://www.burgerszoo.de/ueber-burgers-zoo/ueber-burgers-zoo/


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