Senseless packaging

Did you ever think about why a toothpaste tube needs an extra paper packaging around?

Or why any cosmetical product like an eye creme needs to be put in a paper box?

Of course, you have extra space to write all your products advantages on, but usually all ingredients and descriptions fit onto the tube itself. So my question is… do all those companies lack a sense of what’s happening on earth? Don’t they all have a conscience telling them the paper would look better if it still was a tree in a rainforest? Not to forget that WE humans need these trees as they are essential for the air we breathe.

It doesn’t fit into my head. You have to compare the meaning of both: a paper packaging around toothpaste instantly thrown away into the garbage by the consumer, hence meaningless, versus the “life” of a tree supplying us with air, giving animals a place to live and food to eat.

And now imagine how many of these meaningless packages are produced every day by all those big companies on earth.

So I’d like to ask you for the courage to write to those companies you think of wasting paper and ask them to stop. If many of us would take part in this action we would be able to raise awareness. And as a result, I’m sure, some companies would reduce their use of paper as an extra packaging. And that would be beneficial for everyone: animal, human being, nature itself. And that’s what really matters.


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