Hope for the tigers in Tiger Temple Thailand

Well, let’s continue with the good news!

Everyone who has a friend visiting Thailand is likely to be shown pictures of this friend posing with tigers and cuddling with cubs. Who wouldn’t be jealous seeing this? Well, if you know what’s going on behind the facade you definetly won’t be jealous, you’d rather be shocked your friend participated in this business.

In the TigerTemple Thailand you pay money to get near those beautiful animas, but actually you pay those monks beating and mistreating the tigers, you give them money to continue with the illegal tiger trade, you pay them to inbreed tigers and steal cubs from their mothers at just an age of a few days to offer them to tourists who willingly pet them and make pictures. They are given a cheap and inappropriate diet, often they do not get enough so that tourists can feed them. And if they grow bigger and aren’t cute enough anymore they mysteriously disappear…

So here’s to the good news: some Thai officials finally raided this place because they were sent many recordings and pictures as evidence of this animal abuse. The Tiger Temple is now under investigation. Let’s hope they loose the permission (if they actually have one…) to keep the tigers and many other exotic animals so they get a life they deserve to live in.



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