Checking on the beauty products you use

I’d like to introduce you to!

This website, also available as an app for your on-the-go checkings, really changed my way of purchasing and using cosmetics. It is more than easy: you can type in the name of the product you want to check out or you just scan the barcode. I use the barcode check when I’m in a store and about to buy some products but want to be sure there’s nothing harmful inside. Codecheck provides you with information about toxins and environmentally relevant ingredients, therefore it is good for nature and yourself.

Environmentally relevant would be palm oil: companies clear rain forests to cultivate the oil palm, threatening native people and endangered animals.

Codecheck let’s you know if a product has effects on your hormones, as parabens are known to have.

And probably the best feature: it shows you products with better ingredients. But no… there’s another best feature: codecke translates the ingredients into something you can understand. Instead of CI77288 as it is printed onto the product you get to know what this combination stands for, where it comes from and what effects it can have on your body.

So do yourself and nature the favour of checking what really is inside your cosmetic products!

Codecheck            Screenshot_2014-12-30-12-10-10[1]


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